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The following lawyer has been recognized by The Comp Pinkbook:

Peter Kandel

Achievement: A Top 50 workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland
Year: 2013
Law Firm: Kandel & Associates

Address: 1001 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland

Peter Kandel of Kandel & Associates, PA is a Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer.  For the 18 months measured by the first edition of The Comp Pinkbook, Kandel obtained 136 PP and CO awards for clients.  The three most common injuries he handled were back injuries, combination back and neck problems, and hand injuries.  In addition to the volume of work Peter Kandel handles, he also holds one of the largest neurological or psych injury awards, nearly $100,000.

Kandel and Associates cases are often against the City of Baltimore, the MTA, or the State of Maryland.  Additional employers include Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1st Team Staffing, American Sugar Refinery, and Davco Restaurants.

About The Comp Pinkbook

The Workers' Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers' compensation industry.  The Pinkbook is fact, not opinion.  Statistics come from real claims and were obtained from the workers' compensation commission.  Stats are provided on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.