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The following lawyer has been recognized by The Comp Pinkbook:

Harold DuBois, Esq.

Achievement: A Top Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Maryland
Year: 2013
Law Firm: Verderaime & DuBois, PA

Address: 1231 N Calvert St.
Baltimore, MD, 21202

Verderaime and DuBois, PA is a Maryland law firm handling injury cases and workers’ compensation cases.  Harold DuBois has had a great deal of success in workers’ comp.  For the period measured by the first edition of The Comp Pinkbook, DuBois obtained more than 100 awards for clients – 103 to be exact.  His average award was $43,572, significantly higher than the average.  Therefore, Harold Dubois brought in more than $4 million for his clients in just PP and CO awards, in just 18 months.

In addition to his success in the aggregate, Harold DuBois owns the high awards for a number of different injuries.

  • Highest final settlement in a back injury case ($450,000)
  • Highest final settlement in a case combining back and neck injuries ($360,000)
  • Highest permanent partial disability settlement in a spinal cord case ($254,400)
  • Highest average stip for all spinal cord cases ($83,718)
  • Highest average stip for combo neck, back, and shoulder cases ($83,277)
  • 2nd highest stip for a back plus leg injury case ($242,316)

Harold Dubois has represented clients against employers such as the State of Maryland, Shorehaven Inc, Cecil County, Stevens Transport, Miller Long & Arnold, WalMart Stores, and Winner Distributing.  His office is in Baltimore City.


About The Comp Pinkbook

The Workers' Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers' compensation industry.  The Pinkbook is fact, not opinion.  Statistics come from real claims and were obtained from the workers' compensation commission.  Stats are provided on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.