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The following lawyer has been recognized by The Comp Pinkbook:

Carl Saiontz

Achievement: A Top Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Maryland
Year: 2013
Law Firm: Saiontz & Kirk

Address: 3 South Frederick Street
Baltimore, MD, 21202

Carl Saiontz, Baltimore workers’ comp lawyer is ranked in the top 50 in the State of Maryland.  According to the Comp Pinkbook, Saiontz handled 110 awards in the 18 month period measured by the first edition.  Perhaps more importantly, Saiontz had one of the highest overall average award size in final workers’ comp settlements in the state.  On average, in compromise order cases, he averaged $56,404 for his clients, an enormously high number as an average for workers’ comp cases.

Furthermore, Carl Saiontz has some of the highest individual awards and highest average awards for certain body parts.  For example, Saiontz has the highest compromise award in a hip injury case, a recovery of over $523,000.  The award is the highest overall award for any workers’ compensation case in The Comp Pinkbook.  The award was obtained against Transport Drivers, Inc.  Carl Saiontz also has the highest average permanent partial award for the 11th most common kind of injury – the neck / shoulder combo case.  Saiontz boasts the highest single award in a back and knee combo case – more than $100,000.  The employer was Gracen Electric.  Finally, Saiontz has the highest award in a a shoulder + knees case, against Central Termite Control.

Although based in Baltimore, Carl Saiontz represented clients throughout Maryland at companies such as People Encouraging People, Inc., Holy Cross Hospital, Dolgencorp.  He also handled public sector cases  and in against the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore.

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The Workers' Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers' compensation industry.  The Pinkbook is fact, not opinion.  Statistics come from real claims and were obtained from the workers' compensation commission.  Stats are provided on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.