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The following lawyer has been recognized by The Comp Pinkbook:

Benjamin Boscolo, Esq.

Achievement: A Top 10 workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland
Year: 2013
Law Firm: ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers

Address: 7852 Walker Drive
Greenbelt, MD, 20770

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Ben Boscolo is a top ranked comp attorney based on The Comp Pinkbook.  In the period measured, Boscolo recorded 443 awards on behalf of injured workers.  The most common injuries included back injuries, shoulder injuries and injuries to the knee or both knees.

The most common employers Mr. Boscolo had cases against were the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, the Board of Education for Prince George’s County, and the State of Maryland.

Mr. Boscolo is responsible (as claimant attorney), according to the Pinkbook, for the largest stipulation (perm. partial disability) for a leg injury at work in Maryland.  The PPD award was over $267,000.  The employer was the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission.  Boscolo also represented an injured worker in the largest arm PPD case, with an award of over $180,000.  Additional large awards also came in a combination back and leg case, combination head and neck case, and other multiple body part injury cases resulting from workplace accidents or conditions.

Employers for which The Comp Pinkbook shows Ben Boscolo had cases against are: Giant Food, LLC, Safeway Stores, Veolia Transportation, Supervalu, Lowes, Southwest Airlines, Costco, the Baltimore Ravens, Maines Paper, JC Penny, Autozone,  Union Memorial Hospital, Enterprise RAC, Allied Barton, and Montgomery General Hospital.

The CasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers website lists offices in Greenbelt, MD, Falls Church, VA, and in Southern Maryland in Waldorf.

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The Workers' Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers' compensation industry.  The Pinkbook is fact, not opinion.  Statistics come from real claims and were obtained from the workers' compensation commission.  Stats are provided on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.