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According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Chesapeake Urology, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued for 17 times for medical malpractice and 4 times for tort claims times since 2012. The exact search criteria used on Maryland Judiciary Case Search is as follows:  Company: Chesapeake Urology, Party Type: Defendant, Case Type: Civil, Court System: Circuit Court only, County: Default All, Filing Date: 9/26/2012-08/18/2020.

Chesapeake Urology in the News

In March 2015 a Baltimore City man filed a lawsuit alleging that a surgeon associated with Chesapeake Urology permanently damaged his penis after installing an inappropriately sized implant to treat his erectile dysfunction. As contended in the suit, the man was examined by Dr. Christen Alevizatos at a Chesapeake Urology office in 2011 to determine if he was a candidate for a penile implant. Alevizatos allegedly took measurements and recommended a three-piece hydraulic implant with a 21cm long cylinder. Shortly after his implant surgery the man began experiencing extreme groin pain, and the implant was eventually removed by Alevizatos and replaced with a different model of the same size to in an attempt to decrease the discomfort. When the man’s pain persisted after the second surgery, Alevizatos allegedly took blood cultures that indicated he had a bacterial infection but deviated from standards of care by not administering antibiotics.

The man and his attorney Julia Arfaa contended that the implants installed by Alevizatos were too long and caused a protrusion at the base of his penis that led to the infection. After seeking treatment with another doctor, he was administered antibiotics to clear out harmful bacteria and fitted with a new implant that was supposedly smaller than the ones recommended by Alevizatos. However, his groin discomfort continued and he eventually had that implant removed. His suit asserted that the multiple penile implant surgeries and the subsequent treatment for his bacterial infection left his penis disfigured and nonfunctional for intercourse, and that the dereliction of duty on the part of Dr. Alevizatos directly caused this devastating outcome.

History of Chesapeake Urology

The practice was formed in 2006 when Chesapeake Urology Associates (CUA) merged with two other physician groups. Dr. Sanford Siegel, a prominent Baltimore area urologist and president of CUA, guided the merger along with the leading doctors of the other two groups. By combining the knowledge and expertise of some of Maryland’s best urologists into one organization, Siegel hoped to provide a wide range of services for patients while forging solid partnerships with area hospitals and insurance companies.

Today Chesapeake Urology, as the practice is now called, directs 25 medical offices and 16 outpatient surgical centers in several Maryland counties as well as Baltimore City and Sussex County, Delaware. In August 2016 Chesapeake Urology administrators formed United Urology Group, a management services network aimed at expanding the groundbreaking concept of their practice to urology centers around the country. Current member groups include Arizona Urology Specialists in the metro Phoenix region, Colorado Urology in the Denver and Boulder sectors, and Tennessee Urology in the city of Knoxville.

Some of the major personal injury attorneys that regularly sue Chesapeake Urology for medical malpractice are: Smouse & Mason, LLC, Law Offices Of Peter G. Angelos, P.C., and Miller Murtha & Psoras LLC. As the practice has offices throughout Maryland, claims against it can be filed in several jurisdictions including Baltimore City Circuit Court, Anne Arundel Circuit Court, and Baltimore County Circuit Court. If you or a loved one have been injured by Chesapeake Urology, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your claim.

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