Maryland Lawsuits AgainstFawn Manning, D.O.

Baltimore, MD 21225

This website does not represent the outcome of these lawsuits against Fawn Manning, D.O., nor does it judge the veracity of the accusations therein.  In Maryland, however, all medical malpractice lawsuits require a certificate from an actively practicing doctor vouching for the merit of the lawsuit.

Fawn Manning, D.O. is an osteopath specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. She has been  affiliated with Mercy Medical Center and Sinai Hospital. Her most recent affiliation is with Medstar Harbor Hospital. Dr. Manning has extensive experience in the treatment of pregnancy related hypertension and uterine abnormalities. Although this page is focused solely on Dr. Manning, you can find information about medical malpractice lawsuits filed against Medstar Harbor Hospital here.

Based on publicly available records and data, Dr. Manning has been named as a defendant or co-defendant in three Maryland medical malpractice case. While one of the three Maryland circuit court complaints is available in a PDF below, here is an excerpt of the allegations:

The first available complaint against Dr. Manning lists the following allegations:

  • Failing to properly perform a vaginal delivery. The complaint contends that the plaintiff was admitted to the defendant hospital with reports of pregnancy related contractions. After several hours of labor, her infant purportedly descended into the birth canal. At this point the infant’s shoulder allegedly became trapped behind the plaintiff’s pubic bone, an event known as shoulder dystocia. The defendant doctors then reportedly failed to recognize that shoulder dystocia had occurred and consequently utilized excessive force in removing the infant from the birth canal. As maintained in the complaint, their actions violated appropriate standards of care that require specialized techniques to alleviate shoulder dystocia and ensure a safe vaginal delivery.
  • Failing to prevent patient harm. Per the complaint, the plaintiff’s infant suffered facial bruising and brain swelling due to the excessive force used during delivery. She was later diagnosed with a left arm nerve injury known as Erb’s Palsy, which as stated in the complaint will probably remain severe even with surgery and ongoing treatment. The complaint contends that this likely permanent injury was directly caused by the defendant doctors’ failure to provide appropriate standards of care. As further asserted in the complaint, had the defendant doctors proceeded with the correct course of action to relieve the shoulder dystocia that presented during delivery, the plaintiff’s infant would likely have been born healthy.

Last updated July 28, 2021

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