Maryland Lawsuits AgainstConcentra Health Service, Inc

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Maryland lawsuits against Concentra Health Systems are not as common as one might think.  However, there are more lawsuits than those shown below.  Lawsuits below represent only those lawsuits for which the listed lawyers have tried a case.

According the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Concentra Health Services, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued as the defendant in civil cases in the Maryland circuit court systems 12 times since September 2012.

  • 7 Medical Malpractice and “Other Torts”
  • 3 Motor Tort
  • 2 Civil

The majority of cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system against Concentra Health Services were in the Baltimore City Circuit Court, and 2 further cases were filed in the Prince George’s County Circuit Court.

Out of the 12 cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system Frederick Memorial since September 2012, 2 are closed and inactive. Additionally, 2 are closed, 6 are open and active, 1 is closed and active, and 1 has been reopened and is active.

Some of the law firms that most frequently represent Genesis Healthcare include: Waranch & Brown, LLC, and Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Docker, LLP.

Concentra is often the first medical provider for injured workers.  Employers often send workers hurt on the job to Concentra for an initial evaluation and/or treatment.  In fact, Concentra markets itself directly to employers.  Moreover, Concentra advertises that it will staff on-site job facilities with medical personnel.  Employers want to keep costs down.  Concentra, at least in theory, helps them do this.  As an attorney who represents many injured workers, it feels a little bit like a conflict of interest.  I certainly cannot say for sure that it is, but if I were an injured worker, I would make sure to have a good comp attorney.

If you are in Maryland, you can examine workers’ comp lawyers here.  You can also estimate the value of your workers’ comp claim here.  Please note the estimates are rough and no two cases are alike.

If you have a lawsuit against Concentra, or think you do, the best advice is to seek a quality lawyer who focuses on the specific kind of claim you think you have.

Last updated July 19, 2018

All data below is as according to the MD Judiciary, As of: 9/26/2012. Data Policy

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