Case Type Definitions

Most results are relatively easy to understand.  Please see this blog post for further explanation.  If you need information about another case type or about how to decipher attorney results, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Motor Torts
One of the most common kinds of civil case, “motor torts” means car accident cases.  This can also include motorcycle accidents and truck accidents, among others.
Other Tort
In many jurisdictions, this is how medical malpractice or other professional malpractice cases are classed.  Also included could be slip and fall cases, intentional torts, and torts other than those listed for a particular jurisdiction, ie. car accident cases or “motor torts.”
Medical Malpractice
Cases against doctors and hospitals for injuries sustained while in the medical professionals care.  Some jurisdictions separate out only medical malpractice claims, others lump medical malpractice and professional malpractice together, still others class these types of cases as “other torts.”
Disputes between two or more parties for monetary damages, specific performance of an action, the termination of an activity, or various other remedies.  In almost all circumstances monetary damages are sought.  Civil lawyers are generally those handling non-criminal litigation.  All lawyers listed on have some experience with civil litigation.  Only cases for which the lawyer was plaintiff counsel are listed.